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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  August 11, 2013 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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don't take nexium if you take clopidogrel. relief is at hand for just $18 a month. talk to your doctor about nexium. >> this is a fox news alert. it is this is a fox news alert. hannah anderson is safe and james lee dimaggio the man suspected of kidnapping her after murdering her mother and younger brother is dead. i'm geraldo rivera. a rare happy ending to the shocking murder and kidnapping which sparked an amber alert on tuesday that lit up cell phones throughout california and then spread throughout the west and the mountain west as hundreds of thousands of average citizens became part of the effort to apprehend dimaggio. this apparently obsessed middle-aged man who allegedly
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went so far as to murder, to murder the teenager's mother christina anderson and her younger brother ethan. and then burn their home there in san diego. dimaggio then led local, state and federal law enforcement officials are a far-flung thaunt spread from the mexican border to the rugged frank church river of no return wilderness in idaho where on friday dimaggio's car was discovered after a rider on horseback reported seeing a man and a girl hiking through the rugged brush, about 40 miles east of the tiny town of cascade, idaho. once that rider realized the pair he had seen hiking in the woods were these most-wanted people. his calls to law enforcement ignited a massive response. as hundreds of deputies and federal agents flooded the area, they ultimately found dimaggio's car stripped of its license plates and hidden in the brush. there had been fears that the car was booby trapped, but that was not the case.
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while the search spread through at least a half dozen states, it seems clear, folks, that dimaggio planned to escape to idaho or some similar rugged builderness from the beginning. buying camping equipment and other gear days in advance of the murder of the mother and the boy and the torching of the home in southern california. joining me on the phone from cascade, idaho, is the reporter for the idaho statesman, the main newspaper in the region. john, tell me what time it happened and how it went down. the fbi agents said in a fbi briefing fbi agents in a helicopter or plane spotted jame dismaggio and hannah anderson at 5:20 mountain time. they didn't give us a lot of details, but said that one of
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the fbi agents shot dimaggio, killed him and they were able to rescue 16-year-old hannah anderson unharmed. >> john, tell me this. was there a gun fight, or was the firing as far as we know just by the fbi sniper taking out the kidnapper? >> we don't know any details. like a question was asked whether there was a confrontation, whether they tried to, you know, get him to give himself up or not or whether they just shot him dead. we don't have those details right now. >> tell me exactly where the takedown took place. how far from the tiny town of cascade from which you are calling us right now. >> we are talking 50, 60 miles east of here. they told us that the shooting took place not far from the area
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where the man from gem county idaho spotted him on wednesday afternoon. that location is probably six to eight miles east of the trail head where he parked his car and left it and just a few miles west of morehead lake. so almost -- >> go ahead, john. i didn't mean to interrupt you. almost what? >> they said they didn't go very far. i was talking today to the fire chief that's been here for decades, an outfitter that regularly flies in to that area. even a fit person would have a hard time going more than five miles a day that's how rugged the conditions are in the frank church river of no return wilderness. >> tell me this, when that hiker or horseback rider rather spotted the pair hiking, did it
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appear to him as if the man was dragging the 16-year-old, or did she appear to be a willing participant in the plight through the wilderness as you describe? >> it didn't appear, from his observations, that she may have been looking like a hostage and stuff, but he didn't realize until he got back home that evening that there was a search out and authorities were looking for these two. he saw reports on tv. saw their photos and said that looks like the people that i saw. he described their encounter -- they exchanged pleasant tris. he said he didn't have any fears or anything but just seemed a little odd. but there was no explanation of what -- >> i didn't realize, john, that the idaho state reporter, as we report this great news that hannah anderson is safe,
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dimaggio is dead. i didn't realize that words were exchanged between the horseback rider, dimaggio and hannah. can you characterize that conversation at all? >> yeah, it sounded like it was just a brief exchange of pleasantries, how are you doing type of thing. it didn't sound like they got in to where are you going? are you hiking out here, camping? but he reported they did have camping gear with them. >> john, thank you. we will check back with you as updates warrant. with me on the phone is eric robert campbell. eric is 8-year-old ethan anderson's the slain child's godfather. how are you responding right now? >> everything has been so distressed and we finally have something to celebrate. we have had faith that hannah would come home safe. we have been praying with family and friends, nationwide.
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finally just empty prayers going to waste. we got good news and all of us are so ecstatic. >> how did you get the news? how did you get the good news? >> i got the news -- i was with the family eating a meal and someone got a text saying something about hannah saying that is she all right or something along those lines. we checked on the tv and with the news broadcast and the release of information we determined that jim was dead and hannah was safe. at that time, all of us bursted out in tears and just most happiness you can imagine. >> as godfather to ethan, i have heard dimaggio's crime in this regard described as a colossal betrayal. is it not a fact he was almost
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part and parcel of the family. that he became uncle to this child that he snatched. >> yes, he's very close. >> and yet he could murder the 8-year-old and murder the woman who would, you know, effectively be his sister. >> exactly. he's -- the worst betrayal imaginable. you could never imagine that someone could bea friend family without warning signs do something like this. >> what have the authorities told you? what killed young ethan? did he die in the smoke or diddy maggio hands-on kill that child. >> i don't know that. >> what are you hearing in terms of hannah's well being and condition, eric? >> i'm here at the grandparents' house waiting for them to come back.
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we have a bunch of family here waiting for them. >> describe who's there, eric. tell us who's in the home with you. >> oh, just aunts, uncles, friends of the family, just different parts of the family. it's just a bunch of people that have the best interest in hannah all here together celebrating that she's alive and well. it's a joyous occasion after being at this house a couple of days ago, feeling like we're just perpetually in limbo not knowing what is going on. we had a good idea that the body of ethan -- went we first heard the child's body turned up in the fire. realistically we knew tina was gone. we had one shred of hope left that hannah, the third person would somehow come out of this
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miraculously and that's what we have been putting our prayers and hopes for. we haven't been able to mourn the other two because we need to put positive efforts and prayers in to bringing hannah home. >> eric, as you stay there with the family, we'd love to speak to whoever wants to talk with us. i've got to take a quick break now. but eric, if you would spread the word to the family. ladies and gentlemen, we are bringing you the latest from southern california where the family originated and where this drama began, to the wilderness in idaho where it ended. it ended happily where a hero agent apparently taking down this vile person who apparently snatched the 16-year-old after allegedly murdering her mother and brother. hannah anderson, the headline is safe. dimaggio is dead and we shall return after this. dead, and we shall return after this.
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a fox news alert continuing with the stunning and very happy news that hannah anderson has been if fox news alert. hannah anderson has been resc d rescued. snatched by james here's how it was announced at the press conference. we are joined by our west coast bureau with reaction. give us the latest. >> the latest is that hannah has been found. the fbi is certainly going to continue to do its investigation on the scene of where it happened and also in the area, particularly further investigation in to the car. the team coming in from d.c. to salt lake city at the moment where it will actually do review. the investigation will move to san diego. it will probably be centered
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down there. the san diego county sheriffs office that will be dealing with that. but huge sigh of relief here in california. there's been a massive outpouring of emotion and concern for hannah's welfare after this dramatic week of a kidnapping and two terrible killings in san diego. so, huge relief from here. what the authorities intend to do next, as i was saying, san diego county needs to look in to what what happened, how they got in to idaho and what particularly happened to the house. the 8-year-old ethan, his body was only formally identified last night and it took dna samples to confirm his identity. no indication of how specifically he was killed. his body was left charred. that's one thing for certain. i reckon that's where the majority of the news flow will come. we will see what happens to hannah and she will be
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physically and psychologically evaluated that from will probably take some days. >> here's how it went down and was announced. >> hannah appeared to be safe and was rescued and will be reunited with her family in the near future. obviously we'd like mr. dimaggio to surrender an face justice in the court of law but that's not the case. >> he got his justice. remember how this started with the amber alert, igniting telephones, mobile devices throughout the state of california in the middle of the morning. a lot of controversy surrounding the amber alert. people were annoyed that it woke them up and all the rest of that but look at how it ended. because of that amber alert everybody was hit to the fact that the getaway car, the nissan, everybody with eyes on and looking for it and now that horseback rider who goes back to his house says, hey, i saw those people. then calls 911 and the rest is
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unfolding history even as we speak to you this evening. joining me on the phone right now is the family friend of the andersons angelina. you spoke to hannah's dad. have you been able to touch base with anyone since hannah has been found? >> no, i haven't. >> tell me your own relief, angelina. >> tears of joy. when my daughter called me i literally hit the brakes on the car and a lump went in my throat and i started crying. >> did you know dimaggio? >> i have met him and had lunch with him at hannah's sweet 16 party, yes. >> did you think he was freaky or had something in his own mind going on with the 16-year-old? >> no, actually i didn't. if i did, bret and tinafirsthan. >> so this came as a surprise. was hannah a normal 16-year-old
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in every regard. >> 100%, happy, typical 15, 16-year-old. she turned 15, 16-year-old but a typical teenager. >> did she have a boyfriend. >> she had boy crushes. >> all right. so there was nothing as far as you know nothing between the two dimaggio -- did you think of him as part of the family, angelina? >> as bret and tina's family, yes. i didn't have that kind of relationship with him to feel that way but i knew that was bret and tina's family so to speak n so many words. >> do you believe this man betrayed a sacred trust? >> 100%. >> as you contact the family please let us know. >> johnthan gillam is in the studio in new york. she ceo of the united states continued service and former fbi agent and navy s.e.a.l. welcome. thank you for your help this evening. describe the team that took down this kidnapper and alleged
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murderer. >> what we are looking at is a tactical team. the hostage rescue team that was used. it was announced they were used the hostage rescue team was used also in the boston bombing. this played out in a similar case where everything in law enforcement from the amber alert -- hold on. hold on. we have hannah anderson's dad on the phone. dad, congratulations. my goodness. we send you love. we send you a big brasso. tell us how you are reacting now? >> oh, man. it is a great feeling we are going to get my daughter home. love these guys out there in law enforcement. they did their job great. props to them. it is very exciting. i'm still saddened for my son and wife, mourning them, but it is mixed emotions right now. >> now, coming from the depths of despair, your daughter missing, your wife and son dead. describe how you got the news
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that your daughter survived. >> i almost collapsed. it was just -- it was tremendous. it was something good came out of such evil. it is unexplainable. >> now, what are your plans? have you heard from your daughter as yet? >> i have not talked to my daughter. my plans are to get out there as soon as possible and that's all being arranged. hopefully be with her as soon as possible. from there, just, you know it's a healing stage. you know, keep us all in your prayers and i have no idea what she has been through. she's a strong girl, but this is very testing. >> and in terms of the betrayal of this teen that snatched her? >> i don't really care to talk about it. >> where are you now and when will you get there, to idaho?
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>> i'm still in the san diego area and i will be arriving in idaho in the morning. >> brett, god bless. thank you for taking the time and congratulations. our condolences also. we'll be right back. i'll just press this, and you'll save on both. ding! ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, llllet's get ready to bundlllllle... [ holding final syllable ] oh, yeah, sorry! let's get ready to bundle and save. now, that's progressive. oh, i think i broke my spleen! home insurance provided and serviced by third party insurers.
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fox news fox news alert, it is over. hannah anderson is safe, and james lee dimaggio the man accused of snatching her is shot dead by an fbi sniper. jonathan gilliam is in the studio with me as we get calls from the family and others throughout the west coast, and jonathan here in new york with me. now, you were saying that the team is the same team that took down the boston marathoner, or involved in the boston marathon investigation and sounds like one shooter. what do you think? describe the scene in idaho as you perceive it?
1:25 am
>> from what we know a helicopter out there and spotters in the helicopter, and snipers as well, but they weren't that far in the woods so maybe they were guiding a team in or maybe a shot from the hill, and they had the capabilities of doing both. >> they had the capability of taking him out or from the chopper, but you think that the shots came from the ground? >> i don't know, geraldo, but it is either one, because the snipers are trained in the hee lows and the ground, both. >> and typically in an operation like this, the fbi comes in and they supersede local and state operatives? >> not really, what you will see here is a perfect example of how law enforcement from all levels. the amber alert and the initial law enforcement, and the individuals on the ground where it steps up to have fbi involved and they develop a task force and then in the case, the hostage rescue team came there, and this is a good example of when things get big how law enforcement comes tot and all of the assets that the bureau has to play with come in, and they are used in this case in a task force manner. >> and jonathan, the former fbi
1:26 am
and navy s.e.a.l., and you are not surprised that dimaggio became part of the family? >> no, when you look at the pedophiles, they are the greatest con artists that there are, and child predators and they are a predator, and they go in to do whatever it takes to get into the family, and a lot of times, it is through the church or the family friends themselves and they actually become a part. it is not uncommon. >> he plotted this thing and buying the camping equipment and so forth? >> probably. a lot of times when they get to the point of agitated and things are are desperate, you will see violence. this is following a typical pattern of a child predator. >> and what is atypical is that the victim is successfully rescued. all right. jonathan stay with me, and guests from throughout the country when we come back.
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live from american headquarters. firefighters are making progress in southern california. the silver fire burning 30 square miles and destroying 26 homes them crews worked 0 put out hot spots. evacuation orders were lifted in some areas. a dozen people have been injured, including some firefighters. the fire is now 70% contained. a prayer vigil was held in connecticut for the families of friday's plane crash there. four people were killed, two of them children on the ground, when a small plane coming from new jersey went down. investigators believe it crashed after missing an approach to the nearby airport.
1:31 am
the pilot and his son died the pilot, a former microsoft executive, had previously survived a emergency crash landing in 2009. back to "geraldo at large." mar. now back to "geraldo at large." >> at the end of the lake, suspect james lee >> during an arrest attempt, suspect james lee dimaggio was shot by an agent assigned to a headquarter units. hannah anderson was located with dimaggio, she appears well and was rescued and will be transported to a hospital in idaho. >> this case brought to mind another murder/kidnapping that ended in idaho back in 2005 that we covered very extensively when a serial killer of multiple sex offender joseph edward duncan
1:32 am
snatched an 8-year-old named shasta and her brother, 9-year-old duncan after murdering the children's mother and brother and the mom's fiancee. and folks, you may remember how shasta was rescued after the perpetrator brought her out of the wilderness to have dinner at a local denny's restaurant. her brother had already been killed by duncan, and duncan by the way is now serving nine life sentences. craig interviewed shasta in october of last year. >> when she was just 8 years old, shasta groene and her 9-year-old brother dillon were the subject of a massive manhunt after a violent abduction from their home in may of 2005. >> i made it out okay and my brother didn't. i wish it didn't happen that way and i wish we could have both gotten out together. >> for the first time shasta, now 15, speaks in detail about the ordeal to offer insight into the mind of a child sex predator. >> we were told from day one
1:33 am
that our family was alive and that we they were going to be home when we came home, and then right before like we were told that we were doing be brought home, we were told that they weren't there anymore and so i think that my brother kind of gave up hope. >> after stalking the children for days convicted sex predator joseph edward duncan the third bludgeoned shasta's mother and 13-year-old brother slade, and mom's fiance mark mckenzie to death during the home invasion. >> i was trying the piece together what might be happening, because i did not understand what was going on. >> both children were repeatedly abused by duncan before he tortured and murdered 9-year-old dillon at a remote western montana camp site. that shasta survived is a miracle. >> i was scared that if i fought him that something bad would happen to me or my brother. >> after losing most of his family to brutal murder and for a time being himself the object
1:34 am
of suspicion, shasta's dad did not end there. he was later stricken with throat cancer and had the voice box removed. >> it is thanks to shasta that you got dillon back. >> it is thanks to shasta. if she met the same fate i probably to this day would not know where my children were. >> weeks after shasta's abduction, duncan was arrested in a courtelane restaurant when he bizarrely brought the child there for a late-night meal. the waitress called the police, and shasta's testimony helped to convict him who is serving three life sentences while awaiting trial on other atrocious crimes against children. crimes against children. >> you are incredibly brave for an 8-year-old to be able to remember all of the details
1:35 am
enough so to put this guy behind bars forever. >> i liked putting him behind bars for good. and in a lot of ways that helps me know that i did change someone's life for the better. >> he is gone the jail for being a sexual predator and yet he was out on the streets. what are your thoughts of that? >> in a lot of ways, it makes me angry. i don't think that anybody who has that kind of background should ever be let out of prison. >> it is something that impacts you forever, isn't it? >> yes, definitely. people tell me to learn how the forgive and forget, and forgive but never forget, and he cannot run my life anymore than he has or take it, and tear it down anymore. >> you must be very proud of your daughter, because she is incredible. >> i'm extremely proud of her.
1:36 am
>> so shasta now is how old? >> 16 years old, the same age of hannah anderson and you look at different similarities. it was in the woods of idaho that shasta was found after a violent abduction, watching her brother and mother killed before her. she says there's not a day that goes by that she doesn't think about it, but she doesn't want it to define her. imagine 16-year-old hannah, all that she remembers in the trauma that she will go through. >> hannah has to get over the death of her 8-year-old brother, just as shasta has to get over the death of her 9-year-old brother. >> and the sexual abuse that probably she incurred. it's a who able thing. but shasta is on the comeback trail. >> she's on the comeback trail. she wants to provide therapy to people who were victims of sexual abuse. she wants to use her experiences
1:37 am
in a positive way now that she is out there. it took a while before she came public. now she wants to use that, what happened to her, her experiences in a positive way. >> she is the same age of hannah and maybe shasta can reach out the hannah and help to heal together. >> yes. >> and jonathan, you know, the crimes against children, and i want to talk very briefly about the amber alert system. it was controversial, but wasn't it instrumental in many ways and plus it engages the public in solving these crimes. >> right. absolutely. these things are real. it doesn't just happen now and then. these pred tors are out there and it is good for people to realize this. say you get a amber alert at night and get woken up, this girl is alive because of that. there are so many people out there that people need to take it seriously and help each other out.
1:38 am
we are all citizens and realize i can protect you. you can protect me. this is a perfect example from the ground up in how things should work. >> well said. we have to watch each other's back. every parent out there should understand and i'm sure does understand the significance of citizen involvement in helping to solve this crime. but for that rider on horseback, we would never have known that these two were in the woods of idaho where they were. now it has -- measured happy ending, at least the 16-year-old has been rescued. >> we both have daughters, teenager girls and you just have to be so aware of their surroundings. >> everybody's looking at them. >> look at everyone up and down. >> they are children, 16 years old. >> i don't trust anybody. >> they are looked at as adults. >> johnthan, thank you. what we will do is let's go now -- we have an interview with
1:39 am
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begins as the u.s. military is applying pressure on al qaeda in southern yemen, aimed at disrupting a serious threat. on the arabian peninsula. a drone strike there the eighth in two weeks killed two more suspected al qaeda militants. the good news is that the al qaeda threat that forced us to close 19 of the embassies and consulates overseas never materialized, but the bad news is that it was serious enough for us to seem to run scared and shutting our doors and evacuating some of the people through much of the muslim world. what does congressman peter king think? let's ask the former chairman of the house homeland security committee. congressman, was it an overreaction? >> well, it is not an overreaction, and i support what the president did in the limited timeframe, because once we saw the enormity of the potential attack as it would have been difficult to defend a number of
1:44 am
embassies of certain attacks, i see why the president did what he did. however, i think that one of the reasons that we leave ourselves vulnerable like this is that we are not aggressive enough as the new al qaeda threats and the president is sending mixed signals, and also we -- i don't believe we have a close enough relationship with some of the countries in the region, and the bottom line is that al qaeda is many ways is stronger than it was before 9/11 and there was a very serious attack planned, and still may occur. it is not over yet. you know, the threat is not over yet. >> it is obvious that what we did in terms of cautionary measures closing the embassies and the consulate was to avoid a repeat of what happened that tragic night september 11th, 2012, and they didn't want to do that, and now in benghazi, finally, after various reporters have interviewed one of the suspects in that attack, we now have a sealed indictment against him. what do you think of the, you
1:45 am
know, the promptness, the depth, the seriousness of our going after the people who killed our people in benghazi a year ago? >> not oversimplify it but too little too late. we are back to the pre-9/11 mindset to be treating it as a law and order issue and criminal justice issue rather than an act of war. to wait an year before we indict someone and not have them arrested is too little. we know where he is and who he is. we have every right to take him and grab him and do what we have to document that's what you do when it is an act of war. if we are talking about a criminal proceeding in the courts, then again, we have not learned the lesson of 9/11 that we are not involved in some civil dispute or law and order dispute, but involved in a war, a war against al qaeda and a war against islamic terrorism which they started against us, and so to me, it is the wrong thing to do. >> the republican party, as you flirt with the idea of running
1:46 am
for president seems to have a schism. you and people who think like you and governor chris christie on one side, the side that says we have to be tough against allocate and the national security threats. the other side rand paul and other guys, ted cruise who suggests we have to worry about our own homeland, almost an isolationist frame of mind. a different frame of mine than your own. do you worry the republican party is split on this? well, i'm worried about the isolationist view of the republican party and how important it is for the country. all of us need to worry about the country, my god. but if we don't have a presence overseas and we give up our presence in the world and retreat back to our borders we leave yourselves vulnerable to an attack. in the era, the vacuum will be filled by al qaeda or other terrorists which means that the
1:47 am
united states is at risk. we cannot afford to do it. rand paul and senator cruz are wrong, in particular senator paul. you reference the nsa snooping which appears to be larger than we thought. you say you have no problem with it. obviously senator paul does. again, in terms of domestic surveillance this seems to be a schism in the party. >> really is. i don't consider spying snooping. i consider it surveillance. it is geerd foreign elements, overseas, they are not listening to american phone calls and e-mails. the nsa is not -- they don't have the authority or power to do that. they have been instrumental in stopping a number of plots from overseas and there's no agency in our government that is more closely monitored than the nsa. the pfizer courts are on top of them.
1:48 am
>> congressman peter king, call me any time. appreciate i. >> thank you, geraldo. >> we go from the serious to the silly to the two of the ladies of reality tv are live tonight to react to the indictment of joe and theresa guidice on the "real housewives of new jersey." huh...fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know the ancient pyramids were actually a mistake? uh-oh. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know.
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>> 19 times! [ bleep ]. >> the drama sweet on "real housewives of new jersey. >> don't talk about my wife.
1:52 am
>> her i tallian immigrant husband has had a hunk of crazy on the show. but neither of them particularly teresa was ready for the nightmare that slammed in to her family on july 29th. >> i have no [ bleep ] skeletons in my [ bleep ] closet. >> reporter: the colorful couple were charged in a federal indictment that alleges a slew of white collar crimes including conspiracy to commit wire fraud, bankruptcy fraud and false statements on loan applications. >> if the investigation went on a long time and we are confident we have enough evidence to convict them beyond a reasonable doubt. >> joe is accused of failing to file tax returns from 2004 to 2008 during which time he allegedly earned nearly $1 million and going bad to worse he is now facing possible deportation. it is undeniably harsh treatment that joe's attorney says is happening because of joe's larger than life celebrity.
1:53 am
>> he is being treat differently than his others due his celebrity status. >> he is not a citizen of the united states. he is a citizen in italy and facing possible deportation to italy. >> facing 50 years behind bars teresa and joe will be in court this week and are expected to plead not guilty. >> maximum penalties are in hundreds of years but realistically they will be under the sentencing guidelines and i can't make a prediction. >> it seems you have an extensive paper trail. >> the investigation went on for a pretty long time and we are confident we have enough evidence to convict them beyond a reasonable doubt. >> monica has her own history with joe and teresa. her feud with the now infamous couple caused her to be thrown out of a party being televised for "real housewives of new jersey." our friend karen, who stars on
1:54 am
mob wives on vh-1 thinks they are amateurs. her dad allegedly killed 19 people. divorce the whole reality tv thing for a minute. respond as moms to the 16-year-old hannah rescue aid live. >> thank god they found her. the worst nightmare. i'm just happy she is found alive. >> my prayers are with the family, with hannah and her father. i can't even imagine what they are going through but it goes to show you, you can't be safe enough. even with your friends close by, you have to always be on guard with everybody surrounding your children at all times. >> i will tell you the adult men around your children, treat them as if they were the enemy, i'm sorry. >> let's get back to the real housewives and the mob wives and the rest. you have had a lot of legal problems with teresa and joe and a lot of almost threatening. do you feel vindicated by the
1:55 am
federal indictment of this couple? >> i think vindication would come for my client more so. for me, i feel validated that my hard work, as an attorney, wasn't in vain. at the end my client will be vindicated. >> who's your client and what did they have to do with joe and teresa. >> my client or former client is joe, and he was a business partner with the giudices in apartment building. in 2007, that relationship deteriorated and they wanted to separate. they owed my client $260,000 after it was redusd from that point forward the giudices refused to pay my client back. that's where the litigation comes from. >> why did they throw you out of the party? >> that came a couple of years after the fact. that was just bravo trying to get ratings. i'm not sure. >> did they want you to be one of the real housewives.
1:56 am
>> no, never. >> i always heard rumors after the fact that i want her to be one of them and i don't want to be one. call me a lot of things but never a housewife. >> you would rather be a mob wife. karen, first of all, what do you think of the real housewives as a mob wife, a mob daughter rather. both, i guess. >> i enjoy the show. as far as the mob, i don't know their relationship to it. i heard rumors think they were involved in that lifestyle. if they are they have to take a 101 class because they have a big mess going on in how to really be a criminal. >> in terms of your mob connections, do you feel like the feds are always looking over your shoulder? >> i do in my case. i don't feel they are per se looking over my shoulder but i want to be careful about everything they do. especially when i put myself on national television and becoming public with my life i want to make sure everything is in order
1:57 am
because i never want to go back to where i was before. i wasn't a gangster but i got in to my own trouble and the reason i came on tv is to get my life together and move past it. i will be clean and squeaky and they can look all they want. >> do you believe the giudices are treated unfairly because of their celebrity. >> i don't want to say unfairly. i think a lot of times they throw out think charges and the media blows it up. being in the situation similar to my family it is played out in the media. i think it will drop. >> they were guilty of fraud maybe. your dad killed a lot of people. >> it still played out on tv. >> "mob daughter" is your book. you have a new one coming, right? >> i'm sorry. we had to shorten your time because of all of this news. the mayors of those cities, in the fit family challenge. a community wide program that offers free classes that inspire families to get out, enjoy moving together, and even track their activity online. it's part of our goal to inspire more than three million people
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